On A Lighter Note

If you don't frequent YouTube, you might not know who KevJumba is. As of now, he's the #12 most subscribed YouTube channel of all time and at one time, the #1 most subscribed comedian (he's since slipped to #9 now). When he first started, he was just an average Chinese American teenager posing light-hearted videos to make people laugh. His videos have gradually gained a following of viewers around the world. At the time of this posting, he has around 1.5 million subscribers. His videos get viewed an average of 2 million times, totaling 156 million times as a whole. Since then, he's gained the attention the likes of Jessica Alba, Richard Marx, the Harlem Globetrotters, and Baron Davis. These are some impressive creds by YouTube standards, especially for someone who isn't really trying to do anything more than making people laugh.

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